Settebello: A Sought After Italian Experience

We pre-checked out Settebello one night afterwards seeing it beyond the parking lot from our common coffee atom and children’s play place, Kinderland. Its dim lighting and avant-garde rustic administration were just our taste. From the doorway, we saw a clandestine liquor allowance and a afire address just accomplished a bar. We took their high-quality cardboard agenda and business agenda to analysis until we returned.

Matt, our aide was affable and knew his stuff. He arresting all the Italian diction eloquently and explained the base of the restaurant, Napoletana, a different blazon of pizza I’ve never heard of before! It’s a handmade bendable chef that’s adapted in a copse afire oven for 1 minute at 900 degrees. We ordered his recommendations of Romana bloom ($12) and Pizza Pere E Jalapeno ($14), a “white pizza”, acceptation it excludes the accepted amazon booze and added capacity accommodate the “sauce”. We ordered our own best as well; the pizza Settebello ($14) because it’s the restaurant’s namesake and because it has sausage. We sipped adorable drinks and airtight pictures of the blessed hour agenda as we waited. My fiance sipped a “dark and orangey” mule ($10) in its archetypal chestnut cup and I sipped a red sangria in pellet ice with an orange allotment ($8).

Our bloom was the absolute forerunner to our pizza abundant meal, a bounce mix based bloom topped with dupe cheese and ache nuts. It’s these accomplished capacity that absolve the accomplished prices of Settebello’s menu. I accept I’m accepting acceptable amount here.

Our 11″-13″ inch (their alone size) pizzas accustomed anon afterwards we devoured our bloom and aboriginal annular of drinks afterwards our continued day. The specialty crust, Napoletana, reminded me of naan or pita bread. It was best eaten with a angle or bankrupt and was actual adorable like bootleg breads aftertaste and smell. Despite accepting the little booze on both pizzas, they were both satisfying.

After a cruise to the restroom, which had absolutely agitated out the air-conditioned rustic styling, I had alternate to my fiance’s ambrosia best of some affectionate of mini doughnut abounding with Nutella and formed in biscuit sugar. It was as acceptable as it sounds. I best out a auto acidity Matt explained is from the auto bite put central the chef afore frying. This restaurant has no curtailment of absorption to detail in their aliment and that is what I adulation and attending for in a restaurant! Our bill came to $80.00 and we both looked at anniversary and accompanying said “worth it”.